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Historic Signs Found During Magnolia Cafe Renovation

Amada Creason, with Magnolia Cafe, recently discovered a sign during recent renovations.
Photo Submitted / The Lexington Progress

Article by W. Clay Crook-

While working on the renovations at the Magnolia Café in Scotts Hill, Amanda Creason uncovered some fascinating history from the café, and the town’s, past. The discoveries were an original Trailways Bus sign and a sign for Pauline’s Café. Pauline’s had been located across the street, but the Trailways sign was part of the history for Magnolia Café, going back, perhaps, to the very early days when it was Taylor’s Grocery. The bracket on the Pauline’s Café sign is original. “It’s just beautiful,” Amanda said, “and I was so excited to…

For complete coverage, see the February 26th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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