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Outdoor Truths

As I look back on this last deer season, it seems that bad news could be the theme. I hunted hard since I was not able to very much last year, but my effort only produced minimal results. If I had to compare the hours in the stand to my harvest ledger, I would definitely be in the red. What makes it even worse is I knew I was in a place where some big bucks lived. In fact, I missed my opportunity at one of those bucks because I couldn’t get my crossbow up before said buck left. Another bummer was when I arrowed a ten-pointer but was never able to find him. I actually think he’s still alive. At least I hope he is. When I think about it however, I can’t remember a year that was marked by more successes than failures. The truth is bad news is a lot more normal than good news, and it’s easier to find. It’s certainly that way in most areas of life.

One of my favorite evangelists of times past was a black man by the name of E.V. Hill. The way he preached could make me confess sins I’d never committed. He tells a story about a woman in his church who always sat on the front row. Her nickname was…

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