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The History of the ”Local Black – Americans of Achievement” Display at the Lexington – Henderson County Everett Horn Public Library.

A display is shown at the Lexington-Henderson County Everett Horn Public Library to show Black Americans of the local community who have made their mark in history. 
Photo by: W. Clay Crook / The Lexington Progress


In February every year, we celebrate Black History Month. Each year you will see displays of prominent Black Americans who have made their mark on history, and this is as it should be. However, in February of 2001, newly appointed Library Director Dinah Harris felt a need to connect the local community with Black Americans of Achievement that could touch them on a more personal basis. Everyone knew of Martin Luther King, Jr., Jessie Jackson, George Washington Carver, etc., but no one really personally knew their stories firsthand. Director Harris decided to feature local Black Americans whom we all knew and to tell their stories. Hopefully, anyone “with a dream” could draw inspiration from their stories, especially local children. Director Harris asked Library Staff Member, Joy Johnson, if she could head up the display. As usual, “Ms. Joy” was very happy to assist.

The first year, only seven people were featured. They were Mrs. Janice Beal, Mr. George Beal, Dr. C.C. Bond, Dr. Charlotte Kennedy, Mrs. Aurelia Kyles, Professor A.L. Robinson, and Mrs. Pauline Robinson. The display was a hit. Not only did it honor some very deserving people, but it also promoted unity among the races. Each year, the display has grown; now, around twenty people are featured each year. Each year, Ms. Joy has taken of her own money to…

For the complete story, see the February 5th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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