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Megamarathon to Pass through Lexington

The Vol State 500K will bring around 120 runners through Lexington, Tennessee during the 10 day challenge.
File Photo / The Lexington Progress


July in Tennessee brings the scorching sun. It brings heat and humidity. It brings dripping dewy mornings and afternoon thunderstorms. It brings the pulsating song of a trillion katydids at night, and the chirring of cicadas during the day. And it also brings runners from across the country, and around the world, to face the challenge of the open road in the 500 kilometer (314 mile) long Vol State Roadrace.

On Thursday, July 11, 120 runners from around the world will step off the Ferry from Dorena Landing, Missouri into Hickman, Kentucky to begin the great footrace to Castle Rock, Georgia. The field of runners will include some of the best in the world. 2018 winner, Australian Grant Maughan, will not be on hand to defend his “King of the Road” title, leaving pre-race favorite status to…

For the complete story, see the July 10th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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