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Foul Lines To Field Goals

“My Experience for Your Knowledge”
File Photo / The Lexington Progress

Article by Greg McClain-

The Mid-Summer Classic is less than a week away now at this point, and I for one can’t wait. The starters have been selected and the teams filled out. However, we’re talking about the first half of the 2019 season this week. I want to compare what I said way back before the season and see where everyone is. We’ll start with the National League and then to the American League. So, let’s jump right in.

Before the season I had the NL West looking like this; 1. Dodgers, 2. Rockies, 3. Padres, 4. Diamondbacks and 5. Giants. Now at the midway point of the season, the standings are as follows; Dodgers, Rockies, Padres, Diamondbacks and Giants. That’s right, I’m 100 percent right. I thought even without Machado, the Padres would be better. The Giants are past their prime and the Rockies and Diamondbacks are just off from what they were a year or two ago. The Dodgers own this division and lead it by 12 games, currently. I think they’ll continue to extend that at the current pace. They will probably lockup the first playoff spot and their division first, too. They have the best record in baseball right now, which surprises no one.

Before the season began, I…

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