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Give Emergency Vehicles the Right-of-Way

The Henderson County Rescue Squad wants citizens to know the proper procedures to follow for emergency personel safety.
File Photo / The Lexington Progress

By Clint Allen, Asst. Captain, Henderson County Rescue Squad-

Each day, fire fighters, police officers, paramedics and other emergency personnel respond to calls for help. Emergency personnel are required by state law to complete annual training on the proper way to respond to calls using lights and sirens, and you, as a citizen, can help make the emergency response of fire apparatus, ambulances and police vehicles safer, but first, a short quiz. You are driving in your car and you hear a siren. Checking the rear-view mirror, you see a fire engine, ambulance, police car, or other emergency vehicle approaching. Quick, what do you do?
a.) Immediately slam on the brakes and stop
b.) Slow down and keep watching as the emergency vehicle gets closer and closer
c.) Slow down and then finally stop without changing lanes
d.) Weave from one lane to the other as you try to decide what to do
e.) Speed up and try to outrun the emergency vehicle
f.) Slow down and let the emergency vehicle pass, then speed up and follow it
g.) Pull into oncoming traffic and slam on the brakes
h.) Pull to the right and stop
If you picked the last answer, pull to the right and stop, you are correct. Unfortunately, most drivers pick one of the other choices. The Tennessee Driver’s Handbook states: Tennessee law requires that upon the immediate approach of an emergency vehicle all traffic meeting or…

For the complete story, see the May 9th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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