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Foul Lines To Field Goals

Foul Lines to Field Goals
“My Experience for Your Knowledge”
File Photo / The Lexington Progress

Hello boys and girls, this is your friendly neighborhood sports writer, again. I thought since my World Series pick from a couple of weeks ago is now booking early vacations to Hawaii, and the defending World Series Champions are down 2-0, as of this writing, I want to talk about just how hard it is to win the World Series. Plus, I really don’t want to talk Tennessee football, it’s too depressing. So, let’s once again discuss postseason baseball. It is a wild ride. Since they extended the playoffs, back in the 90s, to include a wildcard team there have been wild and crazy finishes to the postseason every single year. Who can remember the…

For complete coverage, see the October 18th edition of The Lexington Progress

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