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Retracing Evil: Reporter Follows Trail to Clues in Holly Bobo Case

Burt Staggs has covered the events on the Holly Bobo case for three years. Sorting out the evidence has led him to many paths
Photo submitted / The Lexington Progress

It is a lonely stretch of road, isolated.  Fields stretch off to the left, while the wood line to the right obscures what lies beyond. Burt Staggs, who has covered the Holly Bobo case over the last three years, is on a search down the John Holladay Road. He steps off into the woods, and looks down into a muddy, swollen stream…a likely former resting place of the gun entered into evidence for the Zachary Adams trial. Another link, Staggs thinks, has fallen into place. He credits…

For the complete story, see the August 23rd edition of The Lexington Progress.

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