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Grand Opening of the Montgomery Cultural and Enrichment Center


The renovated auditorium at the Montgomery Cultural and Enrichment Center provided a great venue for the event.
Photo by W. Clay Crook/The Lexington Progress.


Once there was laughter in the halls and hurried whispers as children and young adults filed into class.  Not only were the three “r’s” passed along, but more importantly, that sense of community, that sense of culture, which helped transform youth from a half dozen counties into responsible adults ready for college and the world.    Five decades later, Montgomery School picks up the challenge from its heyday, and with its re-opening as the Montgomery Cultural and Enrichment Center, begins the task anew.     The need now is not just among children, but young adults who are brought in touch with who they are, by knowing where others have been, and even older adults who have yearned and longed for that sense of self that the hallowed halls of the institution once offered.    Montgomery once served as the elementary school for African Americans in Lexington, and as the high school for Henderson, and many of the surrounding counties.  Getting a high school degree in those days…

For the complete story, see the April 26th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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