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When A Child Needs A Home

A seven-year-old girl has been awake all night, huddled against the wall on her bed, as loud voices turn into crashes and thuds against the thin walls. She is afraid to turn on the light, and clutches her doll against her chest. She hears her mommy cry out and jumps from her bed to help. As she reaches the door, it slams open and pins her to the wall. She screams as blinding pain shoots through her arm, and is terrorized as mommy lands near her with swollen and glazed eyes. Law enforcement enters the home, making an arrest as EMS transports the woman and child to the Emergency Room. The home is a mess, not only from the scuffle, but from litter, soiled clothing, old food, and animal feces. The filth is caked into both the carpet and the furniture. A peculiar smell alerts the officer that meth has been used in the home, or perhaps even manufactured. The child awakes with…

For the complete story, see the March 22nd edition of The Lexington Progress.

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