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Black History Business Spotlight: Cawthon’s BBQ


Latrina and James Cawthon operate Cawthon’s BBQ on McCaney Mill Road.
Photo provided by Latrina Cawthon.


Olive Grove, one of the history African American elementary schools, sat at the end of McCaney Mill Road and the road from Huron to Crucifer.    In the Spring and Summer, the smell of down-home, fresh, hickory smoked barbeque finds its way through every hill and hollow to the appetites of all it reaches.  Cawthon BBQ has stoked its fires and whole hog barbeque is on its way.  The business, run by siblings James and Latrina Cawthon, is seasonal, opening around Good Friday, and continuing each Saturday and major holiday until winter sets in.  The business faces McCaney Mill Road, and the cooking is done in a traditional, family handed down style, that has become a signature picnic and weekend treat for the community.  The Cawthon family is known throughout two counties for their barbeque.  Many may…

For the complete story, see the February 15th Edition of The Lexington Progress.

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