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Laws-Pearson Home


The ante-bellum Laws-Pearson House, in the late 1970’s, was located near Beaver School. Photo provided by W. Clay Crook

The ante-bellum Laws-Pearson House, in the late 1970’s, was located near Beaver School.
Photo provided by W. Clay Crook


You still see many beautiful, old, two story, ante-bellum houses, the grand-dames of an age long gone.  Brownsville has its own historic district, and many around La Grange and Somerville are familiar.   Although many know Henderson County from the number of sturdy log homes with an open dog-trot, the county has also had its share of these architectural wonders.    One of these I saw every day during grammar school.  It’s columns and second story balcony assured all of Caywood Elementary that the Old Davis house on Monroe was haunted.

The Harrison Trice- Gibson home is less in my memory, as is the old home that was near the Beech River Bridge on the Old Jackson Highway.   Many didn’t survive the Civil War.  Still others were ravaged by the numerous tornadoes that swept the county between 1860 and 1956.   One of these landmarks that survived many years as a stately wreck was the Laws-Pearson House.

Across from Beaver School is a lane that was once part of the Lexington-Huntingdon Road.  The white, two story ante-bellum home there was graced by lofty…

For the complete story, see the January 4th edition of The Lexington Progress.

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  1. Janet Hall Vaughn on June 29, 2017 at 6:13 pm

    I would like to purchase a copy of the news article regarding the Laws-Pearson Home, January 4,2017. The folks who lived there are distant relatives. In 1964 my father, Larry Hall, took me to this house and told me about our family history. I was too young to appreciate the information. Two weeks ago my brother, sister and I went to Lexington TN to try and locate living relatives on the Hall side living around there. We visited cemeteries and the Mt Comfort Missionary Baptist Church in Carroll County where our great great grandfather was a part of the congration who built the structure. We had a great reunion with second cousins, the Gaylon Rush family. The trip has inspired me to conduct more research. We went to every nursing home in and around Lexington looking for William Hall Pearson without success. We did find out that his wife recently passed and that he was very sick and in a nursing home. Any information you have regarding this family. Would you please let me know the charge for this requested article and I will send you a check. Thank you,
    Janet Hall Vaughn
    1004 Sycamore Drive
    Rolla, MO 65401

    • Editor on June 30, 2017 at 8:44 am

      Janet –

      We will be happy to get you a copy of this edition. Please call our office at 731-968-6397.

      The Lexington Progress, Inc.

  2. Kay S Hall Cain on June 29, 2017 at 10:42 pm

    The big house published on Jan 4, 2017 mentioned that it was the Laws-Pearson house. My sister from Rolla Mo has written you about a copy of that paper. The Pearson mentioned with the house was my grandfather’s sister. The house was built and owned by my great grandfather. Hall. He had a cotton plantation. Pearson’ brother was Milburn Turner Hall, who was my grandfather. My dad was Wm. Larry Hall. His mother was Mrytle Rigsby Hall who was also raised in Carroll and Henderson Counties. Another brother to Milburn Turner Hall and Hall Pearson was Leon Hall (wife Clara)
    (Son Douglas Hall). My brother Jim Hall, son of Larry Hall, Janet Hall Vaughn, sister and I Kay Hall Cain were over in Henderson Tn. And Henderson County last week trying to locate Hall or Wm Hall Pearson, we were told his wife passed away a few months ago or not long ago. We went to we believe all the rest homes or nursing homes in Lexington. We went by what we were told where he had been living. We never located him. We had met him years ago. He and my dad would be first cousins. We thought maybe he could tell us more about the family. My grandfather MilburnTurner Hall wife Mrytle Rigsby Hall and four children left Tn in about 1925(my dad was10 years old) for Missouri in team of horses and wagon and their four children (Milburn Turner Hall, Lucille Hall Johnson, Wm Larry Hall and Sarah Hall Crites. They settled on a farm just outside Senath Mo. MilburnTurner Hall and Mrytle Rigsby Hall are buried in the city cemetery in Senath Missouri. Milburn Roy Hall and wife Thelma Holmes Hall are buried in the city cemetery atSenath Mo. Wm Larry Hall and wife Frances Goodrich Hall are buried in the Dexter Mo City Cemetery along with their deceased children and grandchildren. Sarah Hall Crites and husband Floyd Pete Crites are buried in the cemetery at Garland Tx. We have been working on Family Tree we know the Family came from England and Ireland. FromVirginia to N Carolina to E Tennessee then on to West Tennessee(Henderson andCarroll County). For my family to Senath Mo and LarryHall to DexterMo. I am now in Sikeston Mo. I hope this helps anyone who interested in completing their family Trees am proud of my heritage. I still have relatives in the area. Would love to get to know more Hall’s. On Rigsby side would be “the Gaylon Rush family and Mary Sue Gooch Rush family and children, Kenny,Johnny, Susan, Ralph, Jane and Michael Rush. Many more relatives exist but so many more we do not know.

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