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Foul Lines to Field Goals


Well, I have to say this one thing. DEREK BARNETT IS THE SACK KING OF TENNESSEE! Thank you, good night! He broke the unbreakable. Word on the street is he is leaving. I wish the Sack King, which he will now forever be known as, the best of luck in his future endeavors. Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty. A few weeks ago, I gave you 15 bowl predictions. 12 of those have been played at the time of this writing. I am currently 7-5. So, it’s above .500 and that’s all that matters. Don’t tell me that I said Clemson didn’t have a “shutdown caliber defense.” I know I said that, I did it to trick everybody! It worked! I honestly hope no one went to their bookie and said “Hey this sports writer guy had these picks, put’em down for $500 apiece.” You would be in trouble, my friend. Now, call your bookie right now, this one is a lock!
Alabama and Clemson. Two of the best teams this year, and they are going to settle a score. Clemson took the “L” last year, in the National Championship game. Will this year be different? Well, I…

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