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Yuletide Good Samaritan


Losing something while shopping…first there’s that queasy unsettling knot, deep in the stomach. Then the sigh of resignation as you realize, “well, that’s gone.” But if a Christmas angel didn’t keep Alesha Melton from losing an irreplaceable bag Wednesday night, December 7th, at least one helped to return it. Melton’s mother, Renee Thomas, came into the office of The Lexington Progress, with a story that brought tears to my eyes.Melton works a lot of long hours doing hair and nails at her business in Parsons. She had all of her funds for specific bills all wrapped up and labeled, and put them in a bag, along with her mother’s mission trip money. While shopping at Lexington, she ended up with more purchases than room to put them, and moved the bag on top of the car while getting everything squeezed into place. The bag set on top of the car as the family left, but dropped off as…

For the complete story, see the 12-14-16 edition of The Lexington Progress.

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