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Carpools and school buses: tips for arriving to school safely and on time
Follow these safety precautions to make sure your independent student arrives at school safely each and every morning.
Home on the road: Insight and advice about America's driving habits
We eat, talk, work, and sometimes even dress in our vehicles. We do things we're not supposed to. And we're increasingly imposing the same behavior on our cars that we do on our houses.
7 eye-opening facts for parents of teen drivers [Infographic]
Are you the parent of a teen driver? Get smart about the risks teens face on the road. Responsible driving not only helps save lives, it may also help keep insurance costs down.
Keep your car cool on the road this summer
Summer temperatures can be notoriously hard on your car. Take preventive measures to protect your car from unfortunate and inconvenient break downs.
Seniors willing to discuss driving abilities, yet conversations rarely happen
Nervous about having a conversation with your senior loved ones about their driving? They may be more ready to talk than you think.
Keeping your eyes (and tires) on the road
Learn what you can do to make sure you and your vehicle are road ready for a safe driving experience.
Good habits to keep teens safe on the road
Learn some simple tips to help teens stay safe while riding in cars.
Parents, prevent heatstroke by never leaving a child alone in a car
One child dies every 10 days from heatstroke. Learn how to keep your child safe.
Smart ideas to get your car running, and looking, its best before your next road trip
Top tips for getting your wheels road-trip ready this summer.
Named your car? Then treat it like a good friend with these tips
Thirty-five percent of Americans have named their car. If you love it enough to give it a name, take care of it with these tips.
Best way to handle aggressive drivers? Model better behavior
While the majority of motorists describe others' driving as "aggressive," they are often unaware of their own discourteous driving. Modeling better behavior can inspire improvement in everyone.
Don't be stuck in the heat walking on your feet: how to prep your car for summer driving
Planning to make that big summer trip? Make sure your car is ready with these easy tips.
Tax return check has arrived, so buy the shoes
Tires are an investment and, like a good pair of shoes, getting the right fit is important. When it's time to start shopping, there are ways to get the most out of your tax dollars.
It's the season for sunshine, barbecues and big changes
Do you know the five most important questions to ask before you buy a car, a home or get married?
Confidence is key for spring road trips
The arrival of warm weather means tire care is more important than ever.
Make the most of summer: 4 easy ways to go boating
Boating is a popular American pastime. This spring and summer, don't get left on the dock and take advantage of the warmer weather aboard a boat.
Do you know who's driving your car? Learn how to protect yourself from auto theft [Infographic]
Learn more about auto theft in the United States and what you can do to protect your car.
Four eco-friendly car tips to get you back on the road
Regular maintenance is not only good for your car, it can be good for the environment as well. Find out how.
How to protect yourself from uninsured drivers
Some drivers ignore insurance laws. If you get in an accident with an uninsured driver, will you be protected?
Clever tips and tricks to save on auto insurance
Car insurance can take a bite out of your budget. Check out these tips to help cut insurance costs.
Umbrella insurance: Are you adequately covered?
Insurance protects you and your loved ones should an accident occur but what happens if you get sued? Learn about how an umbrella policy can protect the most important things in your life.
Four out of 10 drivers don't know this dashboard warning could save their lives
Knowing the importance of correct tire pressure could help save your life.
Car care tips from a lady who professionally takes hers through the dirt and mud
Learn 10 easy ways to keep your car running at the top of its game from a person who routinely puts her vehicle into extreme conditions.
Running on empty: How far can you really go?
It's no secret that an automobile can continue to run after the fuel light comes on, but should drivers rely on the extra mileage it allows? Consider this expert insight.
How to get your car to go that extra mile - or 100,000
How can you reach the six-figure mile-mark? The answer is as simple as listening to your car, following a regular maintenance schedule and asking yourself these questions.
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